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    A strong, full bodied cigar that fills the mouth with smooth and rich flavours that remain with you for a long time after the smoking experience. Enjoy the copious quantities of aromatic smoke and the delightful cocoa overtones interlaced with hints of vanilla.

    • Length: 5 1/2" Ring Gauge: 52 (140mm x 20.64mm)
    • Format:Campanas
    • Cigars per box:25


    Akin to all Bolivars, this petit gem is rich, well balanced and excellently crafted. Cinnamon, spice, leather and citrus rounding off to a smooth cream, all go to make this a delicious little number.

    • Length: 5" Ring Gauge: 42 (129mm x 16.67mm)
    • Format:Marevas
    • Cigars per box:25

    • This robusto probably has the best draw out of all the Bolivar range, smooth and creamy with an explosion in the tail. Reasonably complex, overtones of earth, leather and roasted spice.
    • Length: 4 4/5" Ring Gauge: 49 (124mm x 19.84mm)
    • Format:Robustos
    • Cigars per box:25


    A well made Corona sized cigar full of very complex flavours and strong aromas. Lots of chocolate and spice against a background of earth and cedar. A good smoke.

    • Length: 5 1/2" Ring Gauge: 42 (142mm x 16.67mm)
    • Format:Coronas
    • Cigars per box:25


    A good every day cigar with a strong flavour. Straightforward, well made and sized to be a cigar for when time is short.

    • Length: 4 5/6" Ring Gauge: 33 (125mm x 13.49mm)
    • Format:Placeras
    • Cigars per box:25