List of products by brand TRINIDAD


    • Mild to medium in strength with a delightful subtlety, the Trinidad Coloniales is extremely well made with an excellent draw. This cigar has a good, but not dominating, cuban tobacco flavour with developing chocolate and coffee bean notes and an underlying hint of vanilla. Delicate and complex with a light but delicious aroma, for best effect smoke on a clear and clean palate.
    • Length: 5 1/6" Ring Gauge: 43 (132mm x 17.46mm)
    • Format:Coloniales
    • Cigars per box:24

    • Another superb cigar from Trinidad, don't look for power and intensity, rather subtlety, distinction and style and you won't be disappointed. Complex, smooth and creamy with an outstanding aroma, the Robustos Extra offers a refinement that is quite a rarity.
    • Length: 6 1/10" Ring Gauge: 49 (155mm x 19.84mm)
    • Format:Dobles
    • Cigars per box:12